Characters of the Jurassic Park Movies

Name: John Hammond
Played by: Richard Attenborough
Occupation: InGen Founder
Bio: John Hammond, billionaire owner of Jurassic Park, desires only to present the world's greatest theme park. Despite his best intentions, his creation proves to be a disastrous mistake. He reconsiders his dream and makes a second appearance in The Lost World, with the mission of leaving the dinosaurs in the wild.

Name: Alan Grant
Played by: Sam Neill
Occupation: Paleontologist
Bio: Alan Grant, one of the most famous paleontologists of his day, is selected by John Hammond to visit Jurassic Park before the park is open to the public. Despite his delight to observe living dinosaurs, Grant is skeptical of the park's dangers. He would reappear in Jurassic Park 3, and once again, finds himself stranded amongst dinosaurs.

Name: Ellie Sattler
Played by: Laura Dern
Occupation: Paleobotanist
Bio: Ellie is the companion of Alan Grant and accompanies him on the Jurassic Park tour. When park security fails, she has numerous close encounters with death that haunt her forever. She would make another appearance in Jurassic Park 3, now married with a son.

Name: Ian Malcolm
Played by: Jeff Goldblum
Occupation: Mathematician
Bio: Malcolm plays the role of an arrogant mathematician who predicts the park's downfall before he even completes the tour. Malcolm's character is witty and full of dialogue. He makes a return in The Lost World, this time taking on a leadership role within the group.

Name: Donald Gennaro
Played by: Martin Ferrero
Occupation: Lawyer
Bio: Gennaro, once a major skeptic of the park, changes his tone after he realizes how profitable Jurassic Park could be. Not much is known about his character outside of his brief appearances in Jurassic Park. He is probably best known for his encounter with the Tyrannosaur.

Name: Tim Murphy
Played by: Joeseph Mazello
Occupation: Student
Bio: Tim is the grandson of John Hammond and the younger brother of Lex. He is a young dinosaur fanatic who idolizes Alan Grant. He appears briefly in The Lost World when Malcolm arrives at Hammond's mansion.

Name: Lex Murphy
Played by: Ariana Richards
Occupation: Student
Bio: Lex is the granddaughter of John Hammond and older sister of Tim. When the fences go down, she and her brother are stranded with Alan Grant. She appears briefly in The Lost World.

Name: Robert Muldoon
Played by: Bob Peck
Occupation: Jurassic Park Game Warden
Bio: Muldoon is the game warden of Jurassic Park and one of the experts on Velociraptor behavior. He has spent enough time in the park to understand the dangers presented by these extinct animals.

Name: Ray Arnold
Played by: Samuel L. Jackson
Occupation: Chief Engineer
Bio: Ray plays a vital role with the Jurassic Park staff and management of the park systems. When Nedry leaves, Ray is the only professional with the computer skills necessary for getting Jurassic Park back online.

Name: Dennis Nedry
Played by: Wayne Knight
Occupation: Head Programmer
Bio: Nedry is the head programmer at Jurassic Park and has access to every aspect of the park. This trust is betrayed when Nedry steals dinosaur embryos for Lewis Dodgson. Nedry is doomed by an unfortunate dinosaur encounter.

Name: Henry Wu
Played by: B.D. Wong
Occupation: Chief Geneticist
Bio: Wu is the confident geneticist that is in control of all dinosaurs bred in Jurassic Park. His confidence in the technology ignores the dangers and ethics of genetic engineering.

Name: Dr. Gerry Harding
Played by: Gerald R. Molen
Occupation: Jurassic Park Veterinarian
Bio: Harding specializes in the health of the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. Very little is known about the health issues dinosaurs encountered, so Harding is a pioneer of this new field.

Name: Lewis Dodgson
Played by: Cameron Thor
Occupation: Biosyn CEO
Bio: Dodgson is a corrupt CEO of InGen's rival, Biosyn. When he learns of what Hammond was able to do at Jurassic Park, Dodgson wants to steal the technology for himself. He pays Nedry to steal dinosaur embryos.

Name: Eddie Carr
Played by: Richard Schiff
Occupation: Field Equipment Expert
Bio: Eddie is hired by John Hammond for a research expidition to Isla Sorna. His role with the team involves construction of vehicles and scientific instrumentation.

Name: Nick Van Owen
Played by: Vince Vaughn
Occupation: Photographer
Bio: Nick is hired by John Hammond for the research expedition to Isla Sorna. His role with the team involves photo documentation of the dinosaurs in their habitats.

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