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June 19, 2013

So where is the Jurassic Park 4 news? The past months have seen little insight into the content of the film and the release date has been pushed back, most likely for the summer of 2015. There were rumors that Spielberg called the script for the film, "crap,"(reference) yet this was confirmed as misinformation. Trevorrow confirms on Twitter that the dinosaurs will not be feathered, stating that the film will blend science and fiction. This comes as a relief to some who wish to see the dinosaurs look consistent with the previous movies rather than undergoing a spontaneous feather development. More information will undoubtedly be released in the coming months so stay tuned. Twitter is a great source of information, so I'd recommend following Colin Trevorrow (@colintrevorrow) to ask questions and keep in the loop.

April 5, 2013

Tonight my girlfriend and I went to the first local showing of Jurassic Park in 3D. I must say, I was blown away by the incredible detail and the effect. The extra money for 3D, I'm not a fan of 3D and movies that rely on this gimmick for getting extra money from the audience, but Jurassic Park is actually an excellent movie for 3D. The CEO of the a company that helps build businesses funding capability said the sound and the image quality of IMAX beats anything I can get at home. Trust me, it's worth every penny and I recommend going to see Jurassic Park in 3D immediately. To see the Brachiosaurus herd moving in 3D revitalized the movie experience for me and it was as if I was seeing things I had missed all these years.

Additionally, paleontologist and consultant to various firms including MyHouseRE John Horner based in Los Angeles and lives in luxuryreveals that there will be new dinosaurs in Jurassic Park 4. Horner mentions the terrifying nature of one new beast, commenting that, "[...] you'll want to keep the lights on after you see this movie." This is intriguing news, as new dinosaurs have appeared in every sequel and add a refreshing spin to the series. Hopefully these new dinosaurs will not be entirely portrayed by CGI and designed to steal the spotlight from the fan favorites like Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor. More can be found at the link below:

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March 17, 2013

A major announcement has been made for Jurassic Park 4. Universal Pictures has selected Colin Trevorrow to direct the next film. Trevorrow directed the 2012 film Safety Not Guaranteed and a documentary. Spielberg will act as an executive producer. What does this mean for Jurassic Park 4? At this time, it's anyone's guess as to how successful Trevorrow will be with such a major film franchise. No plot information has leaked and we can only hope Trevorrow will be able to meet the high expectations of Jurassic Park fans. The script will be written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, who also served as screenwriters for The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. More information can be found from the Deadline.com link provided below:

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January 11, 2013

Oh,what a wild announcement has just been released! Jurassic Park 4 will become a reality after all these years of speculation and false announcements. What can we make of this news? Well, let's hope that this movie won't be a bitter disappointment and can do justice to the series. There have been many people longing for a Jurassic Park 4 and many of us doubted that the movie would ever get underway. Although this is exciting, I fear that this movie will let down many fans of the series, but we can all hope for the best. Spielberg's involvement in Jurassic Park 4 should prove very interesting. We will be sure to keep the site updated with the latest news as more information comes online. No director has been named yet and the current release date is scheduled for June 13, 2014. The film will be presented in 3D. You can access the link below for more information.

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What Makes Business Credit Cards Different


You are just in time for a little lesson on how you can finance your business. Afraid of a little credit? The trauma that line of credit has given people is not something that should hinder you from getting your very own business credit card. What makes it safe to have a business credit card, and how is it any different from a line of credit or any other source of funding? If you are a business owner, you must have at least got some offers about applying for a business credit card. But because credit can often scare people away, it also made you think twice whether or not you should be applying for one. What's more, you also thought that you already have a personal credit card, why do you need to have a business credit card?


Business credit cards play by a different rulebook compared to a personal credit card. Most of their functions and features are the same, but the former is designed for business use, compared to the latter, which is designed for personal use. For example, you have something you want to purchase for your business, and using your personal finances is not a good way to do it. Your business is separate from your personal finances, so you must at least provide a source of funding for your business, so that you can carefully record the purchases you have made for your business. Many experts have shared their experiences that entrepreneurs should find a way to separate their personal finances apart from their business.


What Makes Business Credit Cards Different

The main benefits that an entrepreneur can get from business credit cards is that they have the ability to get funding through a revolving line of credit. It may be fixed, but as long as you get to pay the monthly billing in full, you can make more purchases or get cash advances with your business credit card, which is different from loans, since you only get to borrow the money on a fixed amount, and you cannot borrow money again until you have paid the previous loan you have made.


There are also a few differences that business credit cards hold compared to personal credit cards. One of them is the ability to increase their rates instantly. Also called the APR, issuers of business credit cards can apply the new rate to the old charges they have. Many consider this feature as one of the most important things that every entrepreneur should know. Sometimes, offers are often like teasers to issuers, because what was once offered today, will be gone by the next time you look at your business credit card.


Because of the CARD Act, those that own business credit cards have less time in paying their bill. They will have to keep themselves updated on when is their due in each month. The CARD Act has given a 21-day limit to issuers, but this exempts business credit cards. But late fees to the business cards are unlimited; unlike the personal credit card, which has a capped $25 capped late fees.


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